It is currently very popular to put a hedge in your garden. One person puts it down for all the beautiful greenery and the other person puts it down for, for example, the shade that the hedge can create, but what is really a beautiful and good hedge to put down in your garden? A very popular choice is the Japanese holly. The hedge is chosen by many people for several reasons and the hedge is also advised by many people to take if you want a new hedge.

Easy to maintain
One of the main reasons why Japanese holly is so popular is the fact that it is very easy to maintain. Very little needs to be done on this hedge. When you have planted the hedge you have to give it some water for the first few weeks, but that is really all you have to do. You also have to prune it a bit when it grows a bit further. It is important that you keep up with the pruning so that it does not grow in unwanted ways.

Furthermore, the Japanese holly does not need to be given a lot of water. It is particularly advisable to do this a little more at the beginning. The hedge can also regulate itself well and for a lot of people this is a very big advantage. That way you don’t have to look at the Ilex hedge while you do have a beautiful hedge in your garden.

Price of the Japanese holly
Another reason why a lot of people are enthusiastic about the Japanese holly is the fact that it is not too expensive. Many people quickly give up on something if they think something is going to be very expensive. People often see a hedge as something very expensive. Fortunately, the Japanese Holly is not that expensive at all and it is affordable. Many people find this a great advantage, because you will then be able to place the Japanese Holly in several places for a reasonable price.