Are you planning to renovate your garden soon? Garden renovations generate more waste than you might think at first glance. Your green container is so full, and waste from the garden is not so easily lost in a garbage bag. The easiest solution is to rent a container where you can store all your garden waste. You then have the choice between a green container, wood container or a construction waste container. Below you can read which container you should rent for which type of waste.

1. Removing sod, old bedding plants and pruning waste
Renovating your garden can produce a lot of green waste such as prunings, sod, old bedding plants and small shrubs. Often more than fits in an average green container. If you only have organic waste that comes from plants, you can rent a green container for this. Make sure that you only throw plant waste in this container and no food leftovers from the kitchen or large pieces of wood such as tree trunks. If you want to throw away logs you have to rent a wood container. The only exception is that you can also deposit tree roots in a green container.

2. Removing trees and large branches during a garden renovation
If you are going to rigorously renovate your garden, you may want to remove one or more trees or large branches from your garden. If you want to remove a lot of wood from your garden, especially thick logs or branches, it is better to rent a wood container. You are not allowed to put large pieces of wood in a green container, because it is intended for green material that decays fairly quickly. Cut the logs and branches into pieces that will fit easily into the container. Note that you are not allowed to put impregnated garden wood in this container, such as wood from fences and garden furniture. Then it is better to rent a construction container.

3. Removing tiles, gazebos and soil
If you also want to remove materials such as earth, sand tiles, garden houses, you must rent a construction waste container. In a construction waste container you can deposit different types of construction waste that you cannot put in a green container or a wood container.