We are already in the winter for a while, no one is thinking about nuisance by wasps at the moment. But this is actually the time to ensure that wasp nuisance is prevented during the summer season. It is wise to prepare the garden for the following summer on the mild days. Because nuisance by wasps is the most annoying nuisance you can have to deal with. Not to mention a wasp nest. That’s why we asked a professional, Avonda Fauna Management, for wasp control tips.

The danger of a wasp’s nest
A single wasp that comes to disturb you during the BBQ is difficult to prevent. But have you ever considered that you can actually be happy with just one wasp? If there is a wasp nest nearby, it can be as many as 5,000! All those 5,000 wasps go looking for food, preferably near the nest.

Each nest is started by the queen. She mainly does this underground, but man-made alternatives such as eaves, extensions and cavity walls are also popular. The most important thing to prevent wasp nuisance is to prevent the queen from starting a nest in your home or garden.

Prevent it from becoming a nest
The first step to prevent the queen from nesting is to make sure there are no holes or cracks that can be turned into hollow dry spaces. So walk critically through the house and garden, armed with sealant or polyurethane foam, and close all possible cracks. As long as the queen cannot find a safe place, she will continue to look for alternatives.

Nowadays with the temperature records being broken, this is the ideal time to prepare the house and garden for this. Who knows that next spring will look very different.

It is difficult to say whether you have closed all the spots, luckily there are also other tools to repel wasps. There are fake wasp nests on the market. Think of it as scarecrows for wasps. Wasps are territorial creatures and are more likely to leave another colony alone than face a possible confrontation. You don’t have to hang it up right now, but it’s better to start too early than too late. Prepare everything now and put a reminder on the calendar to hang it in April.